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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in cooperation with the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer 

The first Master’s program in Georgia with international accreditation provides the opportunity to acquire a Master’s degree in Public Administration by studying within an interdisciplinary environment: 
  • Public law, economics, administrative science, political and social sciences 
  • Planning, decision-making, management, communication 
  • Implementation of policies and control of administrative action 
  • Structures and procedures of European integration 
  • Dealing with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments 
  • Mastering scientific standards and academic writing 

In 2009 the program was developed in close cooperation between German and Georgian scholars with the support of Volkswagen Foundation. It has been specifically adjusted to the explicit needs of the Georgian executive level. The mission of the program is to train and prepare students for the leadership positions in the public sector by providing knowledge, skills and competences that can also be effectively used in the private sector in relation to public authorities. 

An essential objective of the program is to convey the core values of a citizen-friendly and the rule of law-based public administration in an open society. Against this background, the program enables the participants to identify the different dimensions of tasks and problems. The graduates will be able to apply various disciplinary approaches and scientific methodologies when resolving problems and conceiving new solutions. 

Formalities and Admission Procedures 

  • The annual application deadline is agreed in accordance with TSU admission regulation, preliminary date is the end of August 
  • The full program covers 120 ECTS in 5 semesters 
  • The tuition fee is paid in local currency and amounts to 5890 Georgian GEL per year (subject to change in accordance with TSU tuition fee regulation) Requirements are: 
  • A bachelor degree in law, economics, social or humanitarian sciences from an accredited university 
  • English language skills according to CELF-B2 level and higher 
  • Successful completion of a selection procedure including a personal interview with the applicant in English 

      Candidates must submit following documents :

      (From 10 am to 17:00 pm, TSU, II building, room 124) Till the end of July!

    1.  Statement

    2.  CV in English

    3.  A certified copy of the bachelor diploma or equivalent to it and diploma supplement  ( in case of TSU graduate, diploma can be certified by the appropriate faculty of the TSU, otherwise      notarial copy of the Bachelors Degree. International students should follow the procedures provided by the Ministry of Education of Georgia)

    4.  A document certifying the equivalency of a one-year, five-year higher education programs with a bachelors degree (issued by LEPL - National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement)

    5.  Copy of ID (Passport)

    6.  Certificate that proves the proficiency of English Language (min B2 level) or examination 

    7.  A notarized copy of the document confirming the recognition of education received in a foreign country (if any)

    8.  A copy of the military-registration certificate (or a military ticket, if any)

    9.  Photo (3X4) – 2 printed copies and e-version on CD


    Contact information:

    Address:  TSU, II building,  Room    124.
    contact persons:    
    Ms. Tamar Berishvili

    Tel :  +995 32 2 22 10 97 ,

  • E-mail: tamar.berishvili@tsu.ge

    Ms. Gvantsa Magradze

    Tel  :+995 599  379  222
    E-mail: gvantsa.magradze@tsu.ge


If you want to know more about the university, visit https://www.tsu.ge/en