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Master´s Program „Public Administration“
Academic Personal


1. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Karl-Peter Sommermann

    Constitutional Law in a Comparative Perspective

    Judicial Control of Public Administration

2. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.   Andreas Knorr

    Introduction to Economics

    Competition Policy and Regulation

    Cost-Benefit Analysis


3. Prof. Dr.   Siegfried Magiera

    European Cooperation and Integration

4. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stelkens

   General Principles in Administrative Law (In EU Context)


5. Prof. Dr. Giorgi Khubua

    Territorial organization and decentralization


6. Prof. Dr.   Paata Turava

    General Principles of Administrative Law (in Georgian and EU context)

    Civil Service Law 

    Technique of the Legal Drafting; Judicial basis of the State Organization and Authority Organization 


7. Prof. Dr. David Narmania  

    Competition policy and regulation 


8. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irakli Kobakhidze 

    Constitutional Law in a Comparative Perspective 

    Municipal Law


9. Prof. Dr. Maia Kopaleishvi 

    Judicial Control of Public Administration


10. Assoc. Prof. Dr.   Nana Macharashvili 

      Governance in Eu Multi - Level System


11. Prof. Dr.   Raher Schomaker

Public Private Partnership


12. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irma Kharshiladze

Technique of Notifications Concerning to Legal Acts


13. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tea Kasradze 

       Budget Planning and Management , Funding Public Expenditures


14. Assist. Prof. Dr. Tamar Gvaramadze

General Principles in Administrative Law   ( in Georgian Context)


15. Dr. Gerhard Fuckner 


      Change Management


16. Dr. Tanja Klenk

      Governance in EU Multi - Level System


17. Friederike Thessel

      Process Managemnt and E-Governance    


18. Dr.   Kai Masser

      Strategy and Quality Management


19. Michael Mirschberger          

Academic Writing


20. Claudia Hipp

      Academic Writing


21. Jörg Senn

      Human Resources Management


22. Teimuraz Khomeriki

      Public Private Partnership


23. Ekaterine Svanidze 

      European Union and Its Public Administration


24. Zurab Tolordava 

      Accounting and Reporting in Public Sector


25. Ekaterine Basilaia



26. Merab Labadze

      Process Management and E-Gvernance t


27. Larisa Pataraia

      Strategy and Quality Management


28. Tamar Chakhnashvili

      German language and culture


29. Mzia Chkhartishvili

      German language and culture


30. Ms. Gvantsa Beselia

      Culture and ethics in public administration  

31. Nino Tsukhishvili

      Civil Law

32. Lia Khatiashvili

     Academic research methods (Summerschool 2019)

     Accounting and reporting in the public sector in English (Spring semester 2017)