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About Program

Since December 2009, at the Faculty of Law of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in cooperation with the University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (Germany) is held the Interdisciplinary Masters program "Public Administration”. The University of Administrative Sciences Speyer has many international contacts and long experience, which is oriented on the scientific research, as well as the trainings and re-trainings of civil servants. The program “Public Administration” serves to prepare high qualified professionals on practical and theoretical basis in the field of public administration, who will meet European standards. 

The target group of the program consists of economists, lawyers and graduates of social and political sciences. The program is intended not only for students but as well for those who are already working in state institutions and want to improve their qualification. 
Modules of the program are planned for 2 years. In the framework of the program basic lectures will held in "tandem-format", which means that European and local professors will prepare and conduct a joint lecture courses. At the end of the first academic year the students have two- month mandatory internship in different state institutions of Georgia.  At the end of second academic year, they are able to make 8-week internship in different institutions of European countries. 
At the end of 2015, the master’s program “Public Administration” will welcome the fourth group of students.